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Want Up To $700 Back On Your Electric Vehicle Charger Install?
It all started in 1998, when Mark (owner), got his first electrical service call to the Pemberton Valley. Fast forward 20+ years and this is us...
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Solar Installations

Affordable, Sustainable, Renewable Energy

If you had access to a renewable source of energy that can meet your current needs and has no negative impact on future generations would you use it? 
Residential Solar Installations
Save  - Reduce - Lead
Reduced Environmental Impact
While hydro electricity is renewable and fairly sustainable when compared to other sources of electricity; it still has some negative impact on the environment. Solar Power on the other hand has virtually no impact on the  environment and you know where your energy source is coming from.
Save Money on Energy Bills
BC Hydro rates are definitely not getting any smaller. In fact, according to a review done by the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum in 2018 rates have risen over 70% since 2001! 
Return On Investment
It's true, Solar energy has an initial up front installation cost. However, most solar arrays pay for themselves within 12-15 years. With a life expectancy of 25-30 years (about the same as a roof) one can expect to enjoy a profit for at least 12-18 years.
Commercial Solar Installations
Increase Your Bottom Line with Grid Tie
Reduce Operating Cost
More money in the right hands - your hands. With less money going towards electricity bills, businesses can focus on real growth and invest in themselves. 
Let Your Customers Know You Care
More and more people are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint. Many businesses have noticed this and have started to adapt realizing that consumers are loyal to like-minded consciencious brands. 
Accelerate Depreciation
Accelerated Depreciation As a business we can't help but like this term. Write-offs are always welcome. This one comes out at 50% and year on a declining basis.
Low Maintenance
No Gears grinding, no Batteries to test and top up. The only thing a solar panel needs is a clean surface for maximum efficiency. 
Off Grid Solar Installations
On the Lake - In The Woods
Whether it's for your house on the lake or your cabin in the woods, we can set you up to be independent.
Solar Arrays - Generate Power
Battery Banks - Store Power
Top up Generators - Top up Batteries on the dark, gray days
Charge Controllers - keep Batteries charged

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
EVs have arrived and the supporting battery technology has caught up making it a realistic option for the daily commuter!
Wire-it installs many different EV Charger brands and is excited to be part the earth-friendly movement. We understand that this is an important step to a sustainable future and it's becoming more relevant everyday. 

Here are a few installation options to get the eco-minded CHARGED UP!

Level 1 Vehicle Charger
120V 15-20Amp Standard Household Outlet
Charge Time:
8-12 Hours (Overnight)
minimal installation cost

Level 2 Vehicle Charger
208/240V 12-80Amp, Dedicated Circuit
Charge Time:
3-6 Hours (full Charge)
Quick charge time
Level 3 Vehicle Charger
Transformer needed - Hundreds of Volts
Charge time:
30 Minutes (80%)
Residential New Construction

We're here for you, start to finish.

Various topics need to be discussed within the scope of the build, before foundations are poured so we can get the service size correct, permit/s pulled and pipe in ground ready for the rough in.
Think about the type of heating/cooling, appliances you'll be using, solar panels; these all can have different effects on things like service size and sometimes even how the building is situated on the lot.
We do this beautiful work... then it all gets covered up.
This is it, SHARPIE TIME! "You want an outlet here? NO PROBLEM! Oh, you're adding a second dishwasher there? We'll make sure there's a circuit for it!" Going from a set of drawings to real life can often change the feel of things as well as lighting and switch locations.  Before we start boxing out we like to do a thorough walk-through of the building with our clients to mark out device boxes, switches, etc. to make sure everything is where they want it. Then it's Boxing, Drilling, Pulling wire and splice time.
Lets Power it up!
Yes, helping turn someones dream into reality is extremely rewarding! Finishing is when it all comes together. We love the variety of our clients tastes in lighting and design; we also love powering it up!

Wire-it has a lot of Commercial Electrical Experience

Currently, we're wrapping up a mixed commercial/residential building in the Pemberton Industrial park. We also have a few other larger scale commercial projects lined up to begin this year.

It's been really good to be a part of the growth in this community! Here are just a couple of the builds we have been involved with in the Valley...

Vista Place

BC Passive House Factory

Standby and Backup Generators

It's a load off the mind when you have a Generator...

12 KW Power the essentials

Run the whole House with a 48 KW Generator (200Amp)

Generators Allow Us to Breathe Easy When Outages Happen
Protect your investment:
 Protect against freezing pipes by continuing to power your heating system
 Keep a couple essential lighting circuits on... Being in the dark is no fun
 Sure is nice to be able to charge devices and stay connected with the rest of the world
 mmmmmm Hot Water, not an issue with a back up generator
 Save hundreds, possibly thousands by keeping your fridge and freezer powered during blackouts
 keep your security system powered and charged protecting the rest of your home assets
 Keep your well and septic pumps running
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
An Automatic Transfer Switch monitors the generator system. As soon as power is lost from the grid it senses this and will switch power source to generator. When power is restored to the grid the ATS will turn off the generator and transfer power source back to grid.
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